Welcome to Adventure Dogs USA. A place to learn about getting involved with new, fun and exciting activities with your four legged friend. Although our programs, and titles can be earned on your own, we promote joining a local pack to truly have fun, learn new things and to share your activities with others.

Over the years we have heard members say:

"Without being part of the pack I would have never gone canoeing or camping with my dog"


"Being part of Adventure Dogs has changed my life as well as my relationship with my dog"

Please take the time to look over our site and if something interests you please call or email us as we would be happy to answer any of your questions.


"Adventure Dogs USA has changed our life"
Beth Barkyoumb, & Roxi
"I would have never gone canoeing or camping without the help of our Pack Leader, Jim Helems, what a great time we had."
MaryFrances Peters, & Bailey